One key aim of the PWP is to assist local authorities, councils, marine police units and Harbour masters in the UK in managing the Personal Watercraft use in their area.

It has many years of experience and 100’s of success stories as a result of work with authorities and associated bodies.

Along with other agencies the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) has been particularly helpful in this regard, providing support to the PWP’s actions and objectives.

The PWP along with the RYA and BMF have produced a Personal Watercraft Management Guide for authorities which is available to download on this website.

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PWC’s at Work

Personnel Watercraft are often used in the ‘work’ environment. They have a high-speed response, can operate in shallow water and can often access areas that boats cannot. The use of jet propulsion means that they are a very safe craft to operate around people in the water due to the fact that there are no exposed moving parts.

Some of their uses include:

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